Occupied S. Ossetia Assigns Military to Barracks

Kremlin-backed leader Anatoly Bibilov has assigned occupied South Ossetia’s military to barracks amid Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, RES news agency reported from Tskhinvali.

At the emergency session of the expanded security council, Bibilov ordered “full cooperation” with the Russian military base in the occupied region.

“The tasks to be received by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense should also apply to the Republic of South Ossetia’s ministry of defence,” said the Moscow-backed leader.

Bibilov also ordered to “organize uninterrupted liaison and decision-making on the use of the armed forces of the Republic of South Ossetia in the necessary direction.”

The Tskhinvali leader also established today “operational headquarters,” including defense, police, diplomatic, healthcare and emergency services, KGB, intelligence, and prosecutor’s office. The HQ will act under his command, with “prime minister” and “parliamentary speaker” serving as his deputies.

He also said “the interior ministry” personnel are also fully assigned to barracks and are “ready to carry out any orders that come from the republic’s leadership.”

Bibilov further tasked his security committee (KGB) to coordinate with border service and Russian FSB to monitor the situation in the areas adjacent to Georgia proper.

“To ensure that they are ready to respond to any provocation that Georgia might unleash,” noted Bibilov.

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