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Georgian Parliament Adopts Resolution Supporting Ukraine, Omits ‘Russian Aggression’

The Parliament of Georgia adopted today with 74 votes in favor and 33 abstentions the Georgian Dream-tabled resolution in support of Ukraine, that fell short of mentioning the Russian Federation.

The ruling party MPs pushed through the resolution, refusing to heed opposition’s calls to postpone the vote and revise the text to explicitly name Russia as a culprit and aggressor in the crisis surrounding Ukraine.

Almost all opposition lawmakers in attendance abstained from voting except for the ones from the Citizens and European Socialists, who chose to back the document.

In the plenary session, Chair of the Legal Issues Committee Anri Okhanashvili claimed the United National Movement lawmakers were not interested in passing a resolution that supports the Ukrainian people, but rather one that would endanger Georgia’s national interests and “force us into a military escalation.”

MP Okhanashvili argued that even if the parties had reached an agreement on the text of the resolution, the UNM MPs “would still find a reason not to back the resolution.”

The opposition lawmakers, in turn, maintained that the ruling party was appeasing Moscow by keeping a low profile amid Russian military build-up in and around Ukraine.

MP Khatia Dekanoidze argued that omitting Russia from the text was “a shame” and argued the governing party lawmakers just “could not dare” to explicitly name Russia in the resolution.

Lelo party lawmaker Badri Japaridze, on his part, asserted that it was not in Georgia’s national interest “to turn a blind eye on what is happening next to the borders of our closest friend, to turn a blind eye on the fact that Russia is continuing with its aggressive politics.”

Meanwhile, Levan Ioseliani of the Citizens party said that although he did not understand “the logic and the stubbornness” of the GD about the issue, he would vote in favor of the resolution as “any document that underscores the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine should have support.”

The Georgian Dream unveiled the document on January 26. The move came after the UNM, Lelo and Strategy Aghmashenebeli MPs called on their GD colleagues on January 24 to take a united stance in support of Kyiv, with the sides briefly trying to pen a multi-partisan document to no avail.

See below the full text of the resolution, translated by

Resolution of the Parliament of Georgia on a Possible Military Escalation in Ukraine

Parliament of Georgia-

Recalling the Georgian Constitution, its legislation, and international agreements;

Welcoming the recognition and establishing the principles of peace and cooperation in international relations;

Adhering to the international rules-based order and internationally recognized norms, including to the principles of the inviolability of frontiers and territorial integrity and that of the sovereignty of a state;

Deeply concerned with the possible military escalation in Ukraine, denounces any intentions possibly targeted against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a sovereign country, which threatens the peace and security not only of Ukraine but of the region as well.

Declares that accession into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a sovereign right of a state and that any attempt to restrict this right by military-political means is categorically unacceptable;

Believes that not allowing war in Ukraine should be the key concern of the international community;

Expresses solidarity with the friendly Ukrainian people, who could be severely harmed by any possible military escalation.

In view of all the above, the Parliament of Georgia calls on the Government of Georgia, through the use of diplomatic instruments and in close coordination with strategic partners, to continue contributing to the efforts at not allowing a war in Ukraine.

The original text in Georgian is available here.

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