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President’s Administration Objects to Restricted Access to Parliament During Impeachment Session

According to the statement of Parliament, on October 18, “yellow security level” will be in effect in the Parliament building, which means that the visitors, except media representatives, are restricted from entering the Parliament.

Thus, contrary to the President’s wishes, her representatives in the Constitutional Court and representatives of the diplomatic corps will not be able to attend.

In response, the Administration of the President of Georgia issued the statement, objecting to the fact that “the Parliament considers and conducts the impeachment of the President and such an important process in a “normal, ordinary working format”.

On September 12, 80 deputies filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court regarding the impeachment of the President of Georgia.

On October 16, the Constitutional Court of Georgia ruled that President Salome Zurabishvili has violated the Constitution. The Court determined that the President breached the country’s Constitution by making working visits to Europe without the Government’s approval.

The vote on the President’s impeachment will be held in the Parliament today, on October 18.

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