Georgians Overwhelmingly Support Joining EU, NATO, New Survey Shows

A new public opinion survey commissioned by the National Democratic Institute, a U.S. non-profit, shows that 83% of Georgians approve the Georgian government’s stated goal to join the EU, a rise from 76% in July 2021. Some 8 % of respondents said they disapprove the goal, while another 8% responded don’t know.

The public support for joining the European Union is consistent across political affiliation, age groups and various types of settlements.

The support for the EU membership is highest in the capital city of Tbilisi with 85% and the lowest in rural areas with 82%.

Youngsters between 18-34 have the most favorable opinion on joining the 27-member bloc, with 89%. The figures stand at 81% and 79% for 35-54 and 55+ age groups, respectively.

The survey was fielded by the Caucasus Resource Research Centers (CRRC) for NDI between December 7 and 13, 2021 with the financial assistance of the UK’s good governance fund, and was carried out through nationwide mobile phone interviews (excluding occupied territories) with 2,099 respondents and has an average margin of error plus, minus 1.4%.

Similarly, according to the survey, overwhelming majority of Georgians back NATO integration. 77% approve the Georgian government’s stated goal to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 11% disapprove, while 12% respond don’t know.

The support towards joining NATO is the highest in Tbilisi with 80%, while the figures stand at 78% for other urban areas and 73% for rural communities.

Youngsters in 18-34 age group are the most supportive to the goal with 84%. People between 35 to 54 back NATO integration with 75%, while 71% of those above 55 share the same opinion.

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