Kobakhidze Warns Public Defender, Doctors of Liability

Irakli Kobakhidze, chair of the ruling Georgian Dream party slammed the assessment by the group of doctors created by the Public Defender as “fake,” and suggested both doctors and the Public Defender could be held “directly liable” over its possible consequences.

The group of medical experts concluded on November 17 that the condition of jailed ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili is critical, and recommended his immediate transfer from a prison hospital to an intensive care unit in a multi-profile hospital. The authorities have continuously rejected the latter option over fears that Saakashvili’s supporters would storm the clinic.

“Imagine if this fake has a continuation, in that [Saakashvili is] transferred to a civilian clinic. Let us imagine if this results in the scenario that we are afraid of. In this case, this […] fake would become something that could result in direct liability of the Ombudsman and the doctors as well,” MP Kobakhidze argued.

The Georgian Dream chair accused the medical experts of being “extremely biased politically,” adding that it was “easily foreseeable” what their assessment would conclude.

Claiming that Saakashvili has agreed to call off his hunger strike if the authorities can ensure he receives appropriate rehabilitation treatment, MP Kobakhidze maintained the group of experts should have assessed if the Gldani prison clinic was fit for such care. Instead, the GD chair argued, the group evaluated the treatment Saakashvili is receiving for his continuing hunger strike.

Public Defender Nino Lomjaria set up the group of physicians on November 16, to monitor the condition of Saakashvili and the medical services provided by the state. The development came as the council of doctors monitoring Saakashvili in Rustavi #12 prison was not granted access to the ex-President after his forced transfer to the Gldani prison clinic.

Saakashvili has agreed to call off the hunger strike if he is transferred to a civilian clinic for rehabilitation treatment. He has dismissed the possibility of undergoing said treatment in the prison clinic.

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