Ten Detained after Girchi Blocks Security Service Buildings

Police detained nine members of the right-libertarian Girchi – More Freedom party and one member of the United National Movement in protests outside the State Security Service of Georgia buildings in six cities and towns – Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Telavi and Gori.

During the protests, six of the Girchi members parked automobiles in front of the entrances of the SSG buildings, refusing to move. Party leader Zurab Japaridze parked his car in front of the SSG “Moduli” building in Tbilisi, while Temur Gorgadze did the same in Batumi, Imeda Kldiashvili – in Kutaisi, Irakli Kukania – in Rustavi, Toresa Mossy – in Telavi and Badri Grigalashvili – in Gori.

Police detained Grigalashvili and Mossy on the spot, and towed away the automobiles with Japaridze, Gorgadze, Kldiashvili and Kukania still inside them. The three were detained afterward, but Japaridze, who holds a parliamentary mandate and enjoys a lawmaker’s immunity, was let go with a fine of GEL 200 (USD 60).

Besides, during the protests police detained two Girchi members, Dachi Giorgadze and Vano Chutlashvili as well as UNM member Mate Dzneladze in Rustavi, and Girchi members, George Putkaradze in Batumi and Zura Khomeriki in Gori.

Interior Ministry confirmed to that the ten persons were detained on administrative offenses, and that Japaridze was let go with a fine, without providing any further details.

Opposition parties are holding protests throughout the week, demanding the transfer of jailed ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili from a prison clinic to a civic hospital, as well as his release from prison, and protesting “void” 2021 local polls.

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