Georgian Detainee Released from Tskhinvali Prison

Ramaz Begheluri, a Georgian citizen, has been released from the illegal pre-trial custody in Tskhinvali prison, the State Security Service of Georgia reported on April 1.

According to the SSG, the Russian occupying forces arbitrarily detained Begheluri on February 2 this year, on Tskhinvali-controlled territory near the Gugutiantkari village of Gori municipality. Days later, he was sent to two-month pre-trial detention by the occupied Tskhinvali “court.”

The issue was reportedly discussed within Geneva International Discussions (GID), the multilateral forum to address security and humanitarian consequences of the Russo-Georgian War, as well as Ergneti Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM), a framework established under GID focused on the security concerns on the ground.

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