Georgia’s Foreign Trade in January-November 2020

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in the first 11 months of 2020 decreased by 14.6% compared to the same period last year, amounting to USD 10.2 billion, according to preliminary data released by the National Statistics Office (Geostat) on December 21.

Exports decreased by 11.3% year-on-year to USD 3.02 billion, while imports were down by 15.9%, reaching USD 7.19 billion. Meanwhile, the trade deficit equaled USD 4.17 billion, constituting 40.9% of the trade turnover during January-November 2020.

Turkey remained Georgia’s largest trading partner with USD 1.43 billion in January-November 2020, followed by Russia, China, Azerbaijan and the United States with USD 1.19 billion, USD 1.09 billion, USD 831.3 million and USD 568.4 million, respectively.

China tops the list of largest trading partners by exports with USD 445.9 million, followed by Azerbaijan, Russia, Bulgaria and Ukraine with USD 399.6 million, USD 396.6 million, USD 282.9 million and USD 190 million, respectively.

Turkey, Russia, China, the United States and Azerbaijan are the top trading partners of Georgia in terms of imports with USD 1.26 billion, USD 789.1 million, USD 646.3 million, USD 490.5 million and USD 431.7 million, respectively.

Copper ores and concentrates are on top of the list of export commodities with USD 677.2 million, followed by motor cars with – USD 364.8 million; Ferro-alloys – USD 231.6 million; wine or fresh grapes – USD 186.2 million; spirituous beverages – USD 115.9 million; waters, natural or artificial mineral and aerated waters – USD 105.3 million; precious metal ores and concentrates – USD 87.6 million; medicaments put up in measured doses – USD 86.9 million; gold – USD 86.2 million; hazelnuts and other nuts – USD 81.3 million; other commodities – USD 993.5 million.

Motor cars are on top of the list of import commodities in Georgia’s foreign trade with USD 680.7 million, followed by copper ores and concentrates – USD 494.2 million;  petroleum and petroleum oils – USD 451 million; medicaments put up in measured doses – USD 280.7 million; petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons – USD 248.1 million; telephone sets – USD 149.4 million; wheat and meslin – USD 97.7 million; cigars, cheroots, cigarillos and cigarettes – USD 75 million;  new pneumatic rubber tires – USD 61 million; precious metal ores and concentrates – USD 54.1 million; other commodities – USD 4.57 billion.

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