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COVID-19: Sokhumi Opens Humanitarian Corridor with Tbilisi

Moscow-backed authorities in Abkhazia have allowed passage to resume through Enguri crossing point, connecting Sokhumi and Tbilisi administered territories from 5 to 9 August, local media reported.

Sokhumi now permits holders of Abkhaz ‘passports’ and residence permits to return to the region after checking their medical conditions at the crossing point.

Fearing the coronavirus outbreak, Sokhumi first imposed travel restrictions with Georgia proper on February 27. On March 14, Sokhumi said the crossing point would remain closed until further notice in a bid to stem the spread of the virus.

Since then, Kremlin-backed Abkhaz authorities have allowed three humanitarian corridors.

The first passage was organized during May 26-31, which saw 532 persons returning to Abkhazia from Georgia proper. The second passage was arranged from June 22 to 24, with 1,111 persons arriving in the occupied region. The third passage took place on July 13-17, with a total of 1,269 persons returning to the region from Tbilisi-controlled territory.

Abkhazia registered its first case of coronavirus infection on April 7. Prior to that, on March 30, ethnic Georgian resident of Sokhumi-controlled Gali district tested positive for COVID-19 in Zugdidi Hospital, on Tbilisi-controlled territory.

To date, Abkhazia has confirmed a total of 107 coronavirus cases, of which 37 patients have recovered and three died. It recently experienced a spike in cases with 69 patients having tested COVID-positive since July 21.

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