New Head of Occupied Abkhazia’s Ochamchire District Appointed


On December 19, Raul Khajimba, Moscow-backed leader of occupied Abkhazia, appointed Genady Tsvidzba as new acting head of Abkhaz administration of Ochamchire district, replacing Givi Dopua, who had applied for resignation. 

Khajimba said while introducing Tsvidzba that “efforts should be strengthened” to ensure the growth of “the state’s own income.” 

On his part, Genady Tsvidzba said he will spare no efforts to solve the issues that concern the local population. 

The borders of Ochamchire district under occupied Abkhaz administration significantly differs from what Georgia regards as Ochamchire Municipality. In mid-90s, Abkhaz separatist authorities created new Tkvarcheli municipality on the expense of ethnically Georgian majority areas of Gali, and Ochamchire municipalities. In addition, majority Georgian village of Achigvara of Gali municipality was ceded to Ochamchire district

According to Abkhaz sources, as of Jauary 1, 2017, Ochamchire district was home to 25 569 persons, out of which 20 55 (9,6%) were ethnic Georgians and 19 867 (77,6%) were ethnic Abkhaz. Coastal town of Ochamchire, that was home to over 20 000 dwellers in 1989, majority of which were ethnic Georgians, shrank to 5271 people as of 2017. 

Number of notable Georgian orthodox churches, such as Ilori church and Mokvi cathedral are located in Ochamchire district/municipality.

Since 2008 Russo-Georgia war, Russia tightened its military presence in the occupied region. Located some 30 kms from Georgian-controlled territory,  Russian naval base is stationed in Ochamchire port.

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