EUMM Offers Condolences on Patient’s Death in Tskhinvali Amid Crossing Point Closure

The European Union Monitoring Mission to Georgia (EUMM) released a statement on October 29, offering condolences on the death of Margo Martiashvili, who passed away after a delayed transfer to Tskhinvali hospital from Ikoti village of occupied Akhalgori Municipality yesterday.

Martiashvili died in the hospital on October 28 after allegedly suffering from a stroke, based on reports by Tamar Mearakishvili, an Akhalgori-based civil rights activist. 

“Such tragic instances show the potential impact of the severe restrictions in place on the freedom of movement for the local population in Akhalgori valley,” EUMM said, adding that the “EUMM-managed Hotline was not activated in this case.” 

It then noted that “the main crossing point to South Ossetia and the Akhalgori Valley – normally seeing around 400 crossings daily” has been “totally closed” since September 5, “depriving local communities of prompt and adequate medical care,” as well as “affecting livelihoods in other negative ways.”

According to EUMM, the Mission is “closely” monitoring the developments. “To prevent further hardship it is important that restrictions are lifted as soon as possible and for a humanitarian approach to prevail in handling individual cases,” EUMM stated.

The statement also reads that the EUMM “has made its position clear on these points” at the recent Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meeting in Ergneti.

The emergency vehicle from Tskhinvali had to travel three hours, whereas it would have taken just 45 minutes to reach Tbilisi. However, Tskhinvali authorities had closed off the crossings across the line of occupation since September.


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