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Russian MFA Condemns Rustavi 2 Broadcast as ‘unbridled Russophobia’, Notes Positively Georgian Government Response

The Department of Information and Press of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an official statement (in Russian) concerning yesterday’s broadcast on Rustavi 2. Below is the full text, in translation:

“We are categorically condemning the prank unprecedented in its baseness, with unacceptable attacks using obscene language against the Russian leadership, which has taken place on the Georgian TV Channel Rustavi 2. We see this as one more open provocation of the radical forces in Georgia, aimed at dynamiting the Russo-Georgian relations. This flagrant incident is a vivid demonstration of where the unbridled Russophobia may lead.

We are noting that this time around – in contrast of the attack on the members of the Russian parliamentary delegation on 20 June – the Georgian authorities did not try to justify the actions of the radicals, but found in themselves the force to dissociate from provocateurs and to condemn their behavior. We are also seeing justified indignation, with which the Georgian society has met the developments.

We are expecting an adequate reaction from the thematic international and regional organisations and the journalistic community. These kinds of manifestations must have no place in civilized countries.

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has already responded to Rustavi 2 statement, saying “we strongly condemn the expressions used by TV Company Rustavi 2 that have nothing in common with the freedom of speech and represent a provocation pure and simple, which is aimed at mounting tensions in already complex Georgian-Russian relations”.

The Foreign Ministry called the “international community and all international organizations working on the press freedom” to “give proper appraisal” to the actions of the TV channel and the journalist “who massively ignored the international professional norms and standards”.

“It is apparent” laments the Foreign Ministry, that “a targeted action is taking place aimed at fomenting the perception of instability in the country, while, the Government of Georgia working in its national interests, is trying to de-escalate tensions.”

This post is also available in: ქართული (Georgian) Русский (Russian)


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