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Update: Protest ends for Now to Resume Tomorrow

Today’s rally has winded down in front of parliament of Georgia in Tbilisi, and will resume again at 7pm tomorrow.

At 2pm the supporters of the rally will sound their cars’ horns in solidarity with protests.

Protesters ended the demonstration on Rustaveli Avenue with a peaceful march to the Government Administration building to make their voices “better heard”.

Protest rally has resumed at 7pm outside the Parliament of Georgia, for the fourth day running.

Protesters demand resignation of Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia, held responsible for the police crackdown on the night of June 20 that left 240 people injured few of them gravely.

Another demand is the release of those protesters who were detained that night and sentenced to brief prison terms for disturbance of public order.

The third and final demand is to hold 2020 parliamentary elections through proportional party-lists, rather than wait for the constitutional provision foreseeing the switch from the current mixed system to enter into force by 2024.

Protesters are mainly led by civic activists who claim to be above partisan politics. They insist on the protest remaining peaceful, but say the rallies and other forms of protests – live citizen chains, or even a hunger strike – will be ratcheted up if the government fails to respond to demands.

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