CEC: Voter Turnout 34.8% at 5pm

139,811 voters, accounting for 34.8% of all registered voters, cast ballot in the by-elections by 5pm, three hours before closing the polling stations, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The highest voter turnout in the mayoral by-elections was reported in Khulo and Zugdidi, where 49.5% and 38.6% of voters, respectively, cast their ballots as of 5pm. They are followed by Chiatura and Zestaponi with 37% each. The lowest voter turnout was reported in Marneuli – 27.2%.

Voter turnout in the Parliamentary by-elections in Mtatsminda constituency stood at 26.6%.

In Sakrebulo by-elections, the highest voter turnout was recorded in Sagarejo, where 67.8% of voters cast their ballots as of 5pm. The lowest voter turnout was recorded in Tkibuli – 33.9%.

The CEC said a total of 68 complaints have been submitted to district election commissions, primarily in Zugdidi and Marneuli (30 and 20 complaints, respectively).

There are 402,091 voters eligible to cast ballot in the elections today, served by over 400 polling stations across the country. For more information, please refer to our tag on by-elections.

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