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Medvedev Accuses West of Seeking Control Over Russia’s Neighbors, Including Georgia

On June 14, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, published an article in which he argues, “We must recognize that neo-colonialism has long since come close to the borders of our country.” He claims that the Western “neocolonialists” ” do not respect the well-known strategic borders of other states” and seek to “gain control” over Russia’s neighbors, including Georgia.

According to Medvedev, these efforts manifested themselves in “fomenting the “color revolutions” in Georgia and Ukraine, when the puppet regimes of M. Saakashvili, a U.S. State Department fellow, and V. Yushchenko, the husband of a former U.S. official, were brought to power in Tbilisi and Kyiv.”

In this context, he defended his actions while serving as Russia’s president in 2008, accusing Georgia of “unleashing aggression” against peoples of the occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions, “which was met with an immediate and harsh response from Russia.”

In the article, he also accuses “neo-metropoles” of coveting other countries “of the post-Soviet space,” including Armenia. Speaking of Armenia’s EU integration prospects, Medvedev claims that “no one intends to open the doors of the “club of the chosen” for the Armenian people – ask the neo-Banderites [pejoratively referring to Ukrainians] if they managed to get the EU membership. No. And they will not get it in the near future. And will they ever get it at all? Let them look at Georgia, where they recently approved a law that the US and the EU did not like. And what [happened to them]? – sanctions!”

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