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Ukrainian MFA Condemns PM Kobakhidze’s “Unfriendly Statements” About Ukraine

On May 30, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the “unfriendly statements” of Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze and his “distorted assessments” of events in Ukraine. Earlier in the day, the Georgian Prime Minister called the Ukrainian government appointed “from the outside” and blamed the tragic developments in the country on the foreign powers which “appointed” the two governments in the aftermath of the “Maidan” events in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian MFA notes: “The statements of the head of Georgia’s Government regarding our state, the Revolution of Dignity, heroism and struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom and independence are unacceptable and outrageous.” It emphasizes that it is Russia, which was not even mentioned by Kobakhidze, that caused the death of thousands of people, treacherously invaded Ukrainian territories, and destroyed its cities and villages.

“It is regrettable to observe the consistent and permanent degradation of political statements of the Prime Minister of Georgia, which have recently become difficult to distinguish from the statements of the Russian leadership… We call on Georgian politicians to refrain from making such statements against our country, which replicate Russian narratives, and from using Ukraine in the internal political struggle in Georgia,” – reads Ukrainian MFA’s statement.

The MFA underlines that Russia must be punished for all the crimes committed in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries during the last decades. The statement reads that “Ukraine will continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and the aspirations of the Georgian people for peace, freedom, strengthening their own statehood and ties with other free countries of the world.”

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