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Lithuanian MFA Summons Georgian Ambassador Over Final Adoption of Agents’ Law

On May 29, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania summoned Georgian Ambassador Salome Shapakidze after the Georgian Dream overrode the presidential veto, and finally adopted the Foreign Agents Law, the Lithuanian MFA said in its statement. The Foreign Ministry said that the country, together with the partners, “is discussing possible countermeasures” in reaction to the the recent developments in Georgia.

The Lithuanian MFA “expressed its deep regret at the step taken by Georgia’s ruling party and other actions aimed at intimidating and restricting civil society activities in the country,” adding that “these actions are fundamentally contrary to the aspirations of EU and NATO integration enshrined in the country’s constitution.”

Apart from the Foreign Agents Law, the Lithuanian MFA notes “several other legislative initiatives that are incompatible with EU integration have recently been launched in the country, anti-Western propaganda has been spread, and mass protests were met with the government’s campaign of intimidation against civil society and violence against its representatives.”

In the statement, Lithuania underlines the importance of free and fair elections, and pledges to continue to “consistently support Georgian society’s aspirations to link the country’s future with the EU and NATO.”

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