President Calls for ‘Full Mobilization’ of Diaspora in October Elections

In her May 27 address, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili called for “full mobilization” of Georgians living abroad for the October parliamentary elections, a crucial vote that she recently dubbed a “referendum” on the country’s future.

“Our future is in your hands, your vote will be very important, and I am waiting for you in Georgia or in the country where you live to show us, to tell us what kind of future you want for Georgia,” Zurabishvili told “over a million” of Georgian emigrants.

According to the President, her address comes on a “Diaspora Day” which, contrary to custom and for reasons unknown to her, was not marked this year.

Referring to the vision for the upcoming elections [Georgian Charter] that she unveiled during the Independence Day celebrations on May 26, the President said that the diaspora is of “great importance” in the “plan.”

“When the [foreign policy] course, the orientation, the future of our country is at stake: will it be a European country in close, tight relations with our partners or an isolated, some kind of Neo-Russian country – your role and your involvement in this decision is very important,” Zurabishvili said.

Over the past few months, the President, along with opposition parties and civil society organizations, has called for a more active engagement of the diaspora in the October elections, where the votes of Georgians living abroad could be decisive. However, calls for the Georgian government to do more to facilitate the exercise of voting rights for Georgian emigres have largely gone unanswered.

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