Opposition Parties to Sign Georgian Charter Initiated by President

Following the Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili’s announcement of the “Georgian Charter” on May 26, which outlined a roadmap for resolving the political crisis and advancing EU integration, nine opposition parties have so far pledged to sign it. These parties are: Girchi-More Freedom and Droa, United National Movement and Strategy Aghmashenebeli, Ahali, Lelo for Georgia, European Georgia, Republican Party, and Citizens.

The President has set June 1 as the deadline for signing these provisions and joining the Charter.

In their statements, the parties emphasize the importance of the Georgian Charter for Georgia’s European integration path, as well as for the opposition parties to develop a common position and declared that they will sign it.

“…[The Georgian Charter] provides for the parties to agree on a common vision of the necessary reforms for the opening of accession negotiations with the EU, and [therefore] we sign it,” reads the statement by Girchi-More Freedom and Droa.

The UNM said that the Charter aims to “establish a common vision of pro-Western parties on the steps and reforms that need to be taken regarding [Georgia’s] integration into the EU.” The UNM’s ally Strategy Aghmashenebeli stressed the same point, saying that the Charter aims at “firm support for the European course and the formation and presentation of the vision of pro-Western parties.”

“We believe that this document expresses the will of the absolute majority of our citizens, which they are expressing in the streets of the capital and other cities of Georgia. The president’s vision is a way out of this worst situation that Ivanishvili and “Georgian Dream” have imposed on Georgia,” Ahali said in its statement, adding: “Now, at this historic moment, such a joint effort of the president and pro-Western political parties is necessary to defeat the anti-national and anti-Western government and then implement the reforms with which our homeland will return to the Western course and we will achieve the historic goal of the Georgian people.”

Another opposition party, the Citizens said that it joins the Charter: “For the European future of the country, its institutional and democratic development, the implementation of fundamental reforms is essential. Therefore, we, the Citizens party, share and join the roadmap “Georgian Charter” initiated by the President,” the statement reads.

Iago Khvichia, the leader of Girchi, refused to join the President’s initiative. Although he expressed his party’s readiness to take part in the discussions, he said: “Of course, this document will not have our signature.”

The Georgian Charter calls on all signatory parties, if they receive a popular mandate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, to commit to fulfilling its objectives during the spring session and to schedule early elections for the fall of 2025 to create the environment for free and fair elections. The technical, non-partisan government will be proposed by the President.

NOTE: This news was updated on May 27, at 14:26, to include information about the Citizens’ decision, and at 15:10 to include the statement of Iago Khvichia of the Girchi party.

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