Ambassador Fischer: “If Agents’ Law Passes, Germany Will Not Vote to Open EU Accession Negotiations with Georgia”

Speaking to journalists today, May 21, German Ambassador to Georgia Peter Fischer said that if the foreign agents law is adopted in its current form, Germany will not vote in favor of opening EU accession negotiations with Georgia. Ambassador Fischer noted that the European Council will decide unanimously, as it usually does in other cases, whether or not to open accession negotiations with Georgia. “All states must say yes, and I can tell you for Germany: we will not say yes if this law is passed as it stands,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador emphasized that all EU candidate countries must meet a certain standard in order to continue on their path towards the EU. Recalling the joint statement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, Ambassador Fischer said: “In our understanding, Georgia has already deviated from its European path” adding that the Foreign Agents Law puts the country below the minimum standard for further advancement on its EU path.

Ambassador Fischer declined to explain on why the Georgian government is certain that EU accession negotiations can be opened for Georgia if the foreign agents’ law is adopted saying, “I think it is for the Georgian people to decide what they think is the right explanation.”

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