120 CSOs Call for “Unconditional Withdrawal” of Agents Law

On May 16, 120 Georgian civil society organizations issued a statement calling for the “unconditional withdrawal” of “the Russian law against the national interests of the Georgian people and the Constitution,” which was adopted in the third reading by the parliament.

“This attempt to establish Putin’s rules in Georgia is a betrayal of all our ancestors and compatriots, who fought and are fighting against the Russification of Georgia for more than two hundred years. Before the draft law condemned by the entire international community becomes a law, the veto of the president remains, which the Parliament must not override,” – note the CSOs.

The statement reaffirms the Georgian people’s rejection of Russian laws, oppressive governance and isolation from the Western community. It echoes the President’s position that the law is irredeemable and supports the European Commission’s call for its withdrawal. It underscores the law’s transformation into a symbol of government oppression and betrayal, warns of personal financial sanctions for individuals who place personal gain above the nation’s constitution, and emphasizes the need to deter such actions and maintain Georgia’s Western course.

“The will of the Georgian people is unshakable. Our ship is heading for Europe. We repeat once again – the government must withdraw this law unconditionally,” – conclude the CSOs.

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