Several Opposition Parties, Independent MPs Announce Parliamentary Boycott

After the adoption by the ruling majority of the foreign agents law on May 14 amid strong international criticism and massive domestic protests, several opposition parties, notably the United National Movement (UNM), Strategy Aghmashenebeli, Lelo for Georgia, Citizens as well as independent MPs Tamar Kordzaia and Tariel Nakaidze, announced a boycott of parliamentary work.

“Since the Russian regime has been formalized in the country, under these circumstances normal parliamentary work is impossible today…Today we saw that the parliamentary majority was the extension of the police in the plenary hall, while none of the opposition MPs was given the opportunity to make a normal speech. We won’t continue normal [parliamentary] work under this regime,” Levan Bezhashvili of the UNM said at the joint press conference.

“Today, when all the red lines have been crossed, when in the legislative body the Constitution of the country has been openly violated, Lelo has decided to announce a boycott and no longer participate in the parliamentary work,” said Ana Natsvlishvili of Lelo for Georgia.

Later, the UNM has also announced a boycott of work in all city councils [Sakrebulo].

“For four years I really tried to prove to the people that I was not there just to collect a salary, I was involved in everything with all my heart, but now of course we are joining the boycott. The political process is now on the streets in the form of peaceful resistance to the Russian government and Russian law,” MP Aleko Elisashvili, leader of the Citizens noted.

The ruling majority passed on May 14 the infamous foreign agents law in its third and final reading. The law will now be sent to President Salome Zurabishvili, who has already vowed to veto it. However, the ruling majority has enough votes to override the president’s veto.

This article was updated on 15.05.2024 at 00:38 to reflect the Citizen’s position.

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