Photo Story | Tens of Thousands Protest Against Foreign Agents Law

As Parliament prepares to pass the highly controversial Foreign Agents law next week, tens of thousands of people took to the streets in protest on May 11, to protest the bill, which the ruling Georgian Dream party has refused to withdraw despite unprecedented domestic and international pressure.

The protest rally that took place broke all records and is already assessed by many to be unprecedented in its size in the history of Georgia. Despite the rain, tens of thousands of people gathered in four different places of the city (Republic Square, Marjanishvili Metro, 300 Aragveli Metro, Tsereteli Avenue) and after marching on both banks of the Mtkvari River the four streams of protesters converged, symbolically, at Europe Square to celebrate Europe Day. The concert took place at the Europe Square and people often sang along with the singers.

According to World Military, at least 169,00 to 200,000 people were present at the rally in Tbilisi’s Europe Square and nearby streets, but since the photo was taken at a specific static moment, World Military, which used Mapchecking to identify the number of participants, says the number was probably higher. For Tbilisi, with a population of about 1.3 million, the estimate represents an impressive turnout.

The rally was attended by people of all ages, professions, and even political preferences.

At around 22:30, some of the protesters went to the Parliament building.

The ruling party plans to push through the bill at the third committee hearing on Monday morning, May 13. Meanwhile, protesters have announced plans to gather and camp outside the parliament on Sunday night, May 12, and hold a night vigil in protest through the morning of May 13.

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