Two More Opposition Representatives Targeted in Violent Beating

In what appears to be the continuation of the orchestrated campaign of intimidation and punishment of activists, opposition politicians and civil society representatives two more attacks were carried out on May 9. Late in the day Boris (Chele) Kurua of the Girchi-More Freedom party was attacked . As in previous cases, he was ambushed by a group of people, (so-called Titushki) near his home as he was returning from the talk show he took part in on TV Formula. He has visible injuries to his face and skull in photos taken immediately following the attack.

In another episode, the media soon reported an attack on another opposition figure, Nodar Chachanidze of the Ahali party, who had left Formula TV together with Kurua. According to Chachanidze’s account of the incident two people were waiting for him at the entrance, two others were sitting in the car. He writes that everything happened very fast and he covered his face and shouted, trying to attract the attention of the by-passers and received fewer injuries then the other recent targets.

The latest incidents were preceded by beatings of the opposition and civil society representatives on May 8 and May 9.

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