Patriarchate of Georgia: Relations Should Move from Streets to Negotiating Table

After a prolonged silence on the developments around the Foreign Agents’ law, the Public Relations service of the Patriarchate of Georgia released a statement on May 1, saying that “in order to find a peaceful solution to the political crisis that has arisen, relations should move from the streets to the negotiating table”. The measured statement called on both sides to refrain from “insulting” law enforcers, and to refrain “from excessive use of force” by law enforcement officials.

“It is with a heavy heart that we observe the events that took place on Rustaveli Avenue in the days leading up to the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. The tension and polarization caused by recent disagreements in our society is staggering,” Patriarchate said in the statement and notes that “whatever the circumstances, in this situation we all have a special responsibility to protect civil peace, whether we are state, church, non-governmental or political spectrum.”

The statement then reads: “Therefore, we believe that in such a difficult period, insulting actions against state institutions and especially law enforcement officers, as well as violation of the right to peacefully express one’s opinion or possible excessive use of force will be harmful to everybody.”

It when concludes that by transferring this process to a dialogue format, “we will contribute to the peaceful conduct of events and avoid harmful consequences for our country and future generations.”

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