Georgian Diplomats: Ivanishvili Government Sabotages EU Integration

Diplomats Club of Georgia”, which unites former Georgian diplomats issued a joint statement condemning the proposed “Foreign Agents Law” initiated by the GD Government, and expressing solidarity with citizens protesting against the law.

In the statement, the diplomats emphasize that “Georgia is at a historic crossroads” and say that “if democratic reforms are carried out, Georgia will become an EU member in just six years.”

However, the diplomats note that instead of implementing reforms, the GD government is sabotaging Georgia’s European path: “Instead of this [the reforms], Ivanishvili’s government is trying to kill the beloved dream of several generations of the Georgian people and make the country a province of Russia,” the statement says. It further reads: “For years, Ivanishvili’s government has been covertly sabotaging Georgia’s European course, and now it has gone on the offensive, trying to finally turn us into the Kremlin’s sphere of influence.”

The diplomats refer specifically to the “Foreign Agents Law,” emphasizing that the government’s goal with this law is to destroy civil society and civil society organizations, “through the efforts of which the EU granted us candidate status last year.”

“Georgia’s veteran diplomats express their full solidarity with thousands of patriots fighting for the country’s independence, democracy and European future, and call on our colleagues, serving Georgian diplomats and the international community to stand firmly on the side of the Georgian people,” the statement concludes.

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