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Kobakhidze Slams NBG, President, for Partskaladze Comments

GD Chairman Irakli Kobakhidze held a briefing today and spoke in defense of the sanctioned former official, slammed the President, and validated the security service’s allegations of an impending coup.

Speaking about the National Bank’s decision to freeze assets and transactions of Otar Partskhaladze, a former official sanctioned by the United States for trying to influence public opinion in favor of Russia, Kobakhidze said such a decision seemed “unconstitutional.”

“If the NBG has taken such a decision, it is in direct contradiction with the Georgian Constitution, particularly with one of its key principles – the presumption of innocence,” Kobakhidze argued. Addressing the sanctions, he said that the accusations “in their essence are criminal” and NBG’s decision “contradicts the Constitution, particularly its human rights related part.”

In this context, he also slammed President Salome Zurabishvili, who expressed her dismay today that the “FSB agent was a Prosecutor General” and called for a “thorough investigation.” Kobakhidze said such accusations could not be uttered “without evidence, especially by a President” and implied Zurabishvili does not know the “basics of the Constitution, which are required even for seeking the citizenship [of Georgia].”

Kobakhidze also validated the statement made by the security service today that “certain groups are planning destabilization and civil unrest” and said that “radical opposition” is behind these plans.

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