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U.S. Embassy: The United States will Continue Supporting Georgian Civil Society

“The United States will continue supporting Georgian civil society and our partnership to strengthen the country’s institutions.” – the US embassy wrote on Facebook on 20 February, posting a photo of a meeting between the visiting US senators and representatives of Georgian civil society organizations.

“It is not a coincidence that one of the Kremlin’s targets in Georgia is civil society. Without a doubt, strong democracy brings prosperity and security, but successful democracy is hopeless without a strong civil society,” the U.S. Embassy said.

It also noted that “Georgia must continue to advance democratic reforms to achieve the goal of a safer, more prosperous European future—this is what its citizens want and deserve.”

The US Embassy’s statement of support for civil society comes a few days after People’s Power submitted the draft law on foreign agents. The draft law has successfully passed the approval of the Parliamentary Bureau and has been submitted to the Legal, Defence and Security, and Foreign Relations Committees for consideration. The Parliamentary Bureau held its meeting under the protest of media representatives, who called on MPs not to adopt “Russian law”.

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