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Ahead of Summit, PACE Calls for the Withdrawal of Russian Forces from Georgia

PACE report adopted on January 24, ahead of Reykjavik Summit of the Council of Europe calls for the withdrawal of Russian forces from occupied territories in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The report appeals to leaders of CoE members to demand Russia’s withdrawal from the territories of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine that are currently under its illegal control. It reiterates the applicability of the European Convention on Human Rights and other Council of Europe relevant treaties in these territories and encourages the CoE to maintain contacts with civil society and human rights defenders on the ground.

The document proposes creating a Secretary General’s Special Representative/ focal point for these areas.

It also underlines that the EU integration process represents a factor of stability in Europe and that the attractiveness of the membership of the EU has grown with Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine formally expressing their wish to become part of the European Union.

Commenting of the report, Archil Talakvadze, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, said the amendment to the report on the situation in the occupied territories, was submitted by the Georgian delegation during the deliberations, and its adoption shows that Georgia remains high on the international agenda. Talakvadze added that the Reykjavk Summit will be a high-level opportunity to express support for Ukraine and also to reaffirm the international community’s support for Georgia’s territorial integrity.

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