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Prosecutor Charges Alleged Attackers on Tskhramukha Nunnery

The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia announced in a statement on 27 November that they officially filed charges against the two individuals arrested for allegedly robbing the Tskhramukha nunnery in Khashuri Municipality and assaulting and raping a nun in the process.

The two defendants have been charged under Articles 137 (3c, 4a), referring to rape committed by more than one person and against the victim with particular cruelty, and 179 (2b, 3b), envisaging aggravated robbery committed by more than one person and by illegal entry into a dwelling place, of the Criminal Code of Georgia. If found guilty, they face a sentence of fifteen to twenty years or life imprisonment.

According to the Prosecutor, the investigation carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) established that on 25 November, two people entered the residential part of a Monastery located in the village of Tskhramukha and demanded money and jewelry from a nun.

After being refused by the nun, they physically assaulted and gang-raped her. They also stole her phone, beat her once again, and left her unconscious. The defendants also took the donation boxes, and the cash within them, as they left.

The Prosecutor noted that they plan to apply to the Court to enforce pre-trial detention as a preventive measure against the defendants.

“We emphatically state that the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia pursues the strictest criminal law policy for such crimes, and all perpetrators of violence will be severely punished within the law,” the Prosecutor emphasized.

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