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Ruling Party Initiates EU-Brokered Rule on Chief Prosecutor Selection, says GD Chair

Ruling Georgian Dream party chairperson Irakli Kobakhidze led a briefing to announce the drafting of law for the election of the Prosecutor General in line with the European Commission’s 12 recommendations in which he emphasized that “against the background of sabotage by the radical opposition, Georgian Dream, is actively working to fulfill the 12 points established by the [EU].”

The ruling party chairperson stated on 1 September, “In order to fulfill this [recommendation], yesterday the Parliamentary majority officiality initiated the draft of the Constitutional law with the exact content that was agreed upon last year based on consultations held between the majority and the parliamentary opposition.”

MP Kobakhidze explained that per that draft law, in its next two convocations, Parliament will elect the Prosecutor General with a 3/5 majority for a term of 6 years. In the event that a candidate does not receive 3/5 of the votes, the Prosecutor General will be elected by a majority of votes but for a term of 1 year.

He emphasized that the “draft law reconciled with the Parliamentary opposition has no analogs in any country of the world. There is a simple reason for this – its content contradicts the logic of the governance system and elementary legal principles, which we will not dwell on today.”

“We will only recall that due to this mentioned reason, according to our decision, the adoption of relevant Constitutional amendments was halted last year,” MP Kobakhidze added.

The ruling party chairperson underscored, however, that since fulfilling the Commission’s recommendations is “a special priority for us, as an exception, we will turn a blind eye to legal principles and accept the new rule for electing the Prosecutor General without any preconditions.”

Senaki Local Council By-elections

MP Kobakhidze also presented Zaza Kurashvili as the ruling party’s candidate for the by-elections scheduled in October in the Senaki Local Council (Sakrebulo) for one vacant seat representing the villages of Teklati and Chaladidi.

He stated that “Mr. Zaza is a loyal and active member of our party, who enjoys high authority in his community.” “We are sure that he will definitely win the elections, after which he will represent the interest of both villages in the Senaki Council,” MP Kobakhidze added.

The ruling party chairperson emphasized that following the by-elections, Georgian Dream “will form a solid majority in the Senaki Municipality, thus ending almost a year-long sabotage that the United National Movement and its satellite party – For Georgia were carrying out in tandem against the interests of the municipality’s population.”

The GD MP concluded by urging the residents of Teklati and Chaladidi to support the ruling party’s candidate.

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