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Security Service: UNM Plans Attacking Georgian Delegation in Ukraine

The State Security Service said today it is probing a possible provocation planned by the United National Movement — the largest opposition party — during the parliamentary delegation’s trip to Ukraine, led by Speaker Shalva Papuashvili.

The SSG confirmed to the investigation is ongoing under Article 325 (1) of the Criminal Code, envisaging encroachment upon the life, health or property of public political officials of Georgia. The crime carries a prison term of seven to twenty years or life imprisonment.

The Security Service noted that the probe began on April 13 and the authorities relayed details about the alleged planned provocation to Ukrainian colleagues on April 14.

Ahead of the SSG’s announcement today, Vice-Speaker Gia Volski of the Georgian Dream told reporters that members of the United National Movement “were mobilized to plan a certain provocation.”

He claimed “this was exactly the key reason” why the opposition outfit refused to join the multi-party parliamentary delegation headed for Ukraine on April 15.

In response, UNM’s General Secretary Petre Tsiskarishvili said the allegation was “funny” and “unimaginable.”

Arguing no one “has even thought of” any provocations, Tsiskarishvili said the Georgian Dream “can remain calm.”

“No one is planning anything, they should not be afraid,” he added. “Even the army of Russia [the GD’s] allies, has withdrawn from Kyiv, thus their security is fully ensured by the relevant services of Ukraine.”

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