Hospitalized Saakashvili Refuses Prison Transfer

Jailed ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili on December 27 refused his transfer, allegedly forced, from Gori military hospital to Rustavi prison and temporarily remains at the clinic.

Saakashvili said today in a Facebook post that people “clad in black uniforms” yesterday attempted to remove him from the Gori military hospital, which he resisted and lost consciousness. After regaining it, a doctor informed the ex-President that he would be staying at the clinic, according to Saakashvili’s account.

As the former President stated, before attempting the “forced transfer,” the individuals informed Saakashvili he was being moved, without specifying the destination. Saakashvili said in response he demanded to have his blood pressure and heart rate measured, which came in unprecedentedly high.

According to Saakashvili, the persons tried to transfer him anyways, despite the “most severe” hypertensive crisis he has ever had. “They were continuously filming me, including during the medical procedures. The video can attest to my severe condition,” he noted.

A statement delivered by the Special Penitentiary Service on December 28 maintained attempted transfer of Saakashvili was lawful, and came after the personnel of the military hospital decided to discharge the ex-President.

It said the Penitentiary Service decided to temporarily postpone the transfer after Saakashvili suffered from fluctuations in blood pressure caused by agitation as he resisted the “lawful demand” to be moved to the Rustavi prison.

The ex-President has undergone treatment at the military hospital since November 19, following some 50-day-long hunger strike.

The information about Saakashvili’s possible transfer back to prison was first disseminated by government-critical Mtavari Arkhi TV. Citing an anonymous source from the Georgian Dream, the network reported that the ruling party members had decided at a special meeting to return the ex-President at the Rustavi prison.

Earlier, Saakashvili’s mother Giuli Alasania, independent MP armaz Akhvladiani, personal physician Nikoloz Kipshidze and neurologist Otar Toidze of the Empathy Center were not allowed to visit the ex-President, spurring doubts that he had already been transferred.

To find out details about the developments, a representative of the Public Defender to the Shida Kartli region, Ana Janiashvili also visited the clinic, met Saakashvili and confirmed the attempted transfer. She said Saakashvili had no signs of bodily injuries.

Mtavari Arkhi TV director and also Saakashvili’s lawyer, Nika Gvaramia claimed that neither the state council of doctors or the Public Defender’s group of experts had found that Saakashvili’s treatment had concluded, adding that the military hospital discharged him only on the basis of one of its resident doctor’s recommendation.

He accused the Penitentiary Service of torturing Saakashvili and stressed the ex-President cannot rehabilitate in such circumstances. Gvaramia called on Ukraine to be “much more” active in protecting the rights of its citizen, Saakashvili.

This article was last updated at 14:58, December 28.

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