Public Transport Prices to Hike as Tbilisi Introduces Subscription System

Public transportation prices for a single ride are set to hike in Tbilisi, as Mayor Kakha Kaladze announced today that the capital city will be introducing a subscription-based fee system starting February 2022.

The payment system will be unified across all types of municipal transport – buses, subway, blue and yellow minibuses. A 90-minute unlimited pass will cost GEL 1 (USD 0.32), twice the amount for the current tarrif for the same duration of travel on buses, the subway and blue minibuses. Meanwhile the current price of a single ride on yellow minibuses is GEL 0.8 (USD 0.26). 

Besides, passengers will be able to opt for daily, weekly, monthly, three-month, six-month, or yearly tickets. The one-day pass will  be available for GEL 3 (USD 0.97), while the weekly card, mainly intended for tourists according to the Mayor, will cost GEL 20 (USD 6.5).

The monthly, three-month and six-month unlimited travel cards will cost GEL 40 (USD 13), GEL 100 (USD 32.4) and GEL 150 (USD 48.6), respectively. The yearly pass should cost GEL 250 (USD 81).

The Mayor claimed the monthly pass could allow the most active public transport passengers to cut their monthly costs by GEL 10-20 (USD 3-6).

He also listed the modified categories of people who enjoy preferential and discount rates. Blind persons registered in the capital and a person accompanying them, students of general education institutions located in Tbilisi, district inspectors, Tbilisi Police Department employees and veterans will still be able to travel on the subway, buses and blue minibuses for free. Additionally, employees of Tbilisi municipal kindergartens also now also be able to travel for free. 

The GEL 0.2 (USD 0.065) discount for the single use of the same transports will remain in place for students higher and professional education institutions located, employees of public general and vocational education institutions, pensioners, doctors employed in the municipal hospitals, social workers. 

The GEL 0.1 (USD 0.03) fee remains in place for social welfare recipients with 70,000 and lower rating points will also remain in place. 

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