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Hate Groups Take down, Burn European Flag at the Parliament

Far-right homophobic protesters took down and burnt the European flag outside the Parliament of Georgia, minutes after police allowed them around 23:45 to take over the parliament square after the anti-violence, pro-LGBT+ rally left the scene. Police did not prevent the move, despite being heavily present in the area.

Hundreds of radical right protesters reclaimed Georgia’s favorite street protest site following hours-long skirmishes with police, which separated the homophobic mob from the silent “for freedom” rally that was organized by the opposition and civic activists, and joined by Tbilisi Pride activists.

The latter, which began at 20:00, and ended around 23:00, was called to condemn July 5 violence in Tbilisi downtown against the now-canceled Pride March, which left at least 53 journalists verbally and physically assaulted at the hands of far-right and church-motivated groups.

This is the second time in a row that the European flag was removed from the Parliament. On July 5, radical groups primarily led by Levan Vasadze affiliated alt-right group had the European banner taken down for hours.

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