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Prosecutor’s Office Closes Probe into Young Programmer’s Death Case 

The investigation into the death of a 23-years-old programmer, Tamar Bachaliashvili, has established that she committed a suicide and “no crime had been committed against her,” the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia (POG) said in a statement released on December 17.

Noting that it is therefore closing the probe into the case, the Prosecutor’s Office said the analysis of evidence, as well as postmortem chemical and toxicological examination confirmed that Bachaliashvili died from drug intoxication.

“Along with other available evidence, reliable expert examinations rejected all versions about Tamar Bachaliashvili’s violent death,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated, adding that the young programmer was alone in her own car when committing a suicide.

The POG said Bachaliashvili was alone when driving herself to the place of suicide, which were confirmed by the testimonies of local witnesses.

According to the Prosecutor’s statement, the investigation ruled out that the vehicle was towed and taken to the place of incident, but rather confirmed that it did not move from a single location during the period between July 18 to July 22.

The Prosecutor’s Office said that empty drug plates with Bachaliashvili’s DNA removed from her car were just from the medications she searched through Google to commit a suicide. The POG added that the young programmer took a large amount of these drugs.

To back up its version, the Prosecutor’s Office published a number of pieces from her personal correspondence and videos, where she discusses suicide.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office stressed that the information requested from Facebook has confirmed that no other person had any access to Bachaliashvili’s personal account.

Bachaliashvili’s mother, Teona Tamazashvili rejects prosecution’s version, reckoning that the case represents “a group murder committed by top officials.” “We will use all legal means to establish the truth into the case,” Eka Kobesashvili, lawyer of the Bachaliashvili family, told reporters.

23-year-old programmer was found dead in her own automobile on July 22, four days after her family reported her disappearance. The family accused police of inaction and malpractice. Bachaliashvili’s family categorically ruled out the version of suicide, discussing various scenarios of her murder.

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