Abkhaz Denounce Russian Annexation Remarks

The Kremlin-backed Abkhaz foreign ministry has issued a statement decrying the remarks made in Russia regarding the annexation of Abkhazia, among others, by the Russian Federation.

The statement published on September 11 stressed that “the political status of Republic of Abkhazia is not a subject to revision,” adding that it is “defined by the constitution, declaration of independence and was judicially recognized by decree of the President of Russia from August 26, 2008.”

The Abkhaz statement allegedly responds to the comments by ultranationalist Russian MP Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who suggested, while proposing the incorporation of Belarus into the Russian Confederation, that that “we can also take [into Russian confederation] Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Donbas, etc.”

The Abkhaz ministry called on the Russian public and political actors to refrain from the statements contradicting the official Russian position on the political status of the region.

The authorities in Russian-occupied Abkhazia have already decried in July a similar proposal by the Russian “For Truth” political party.

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