Tskhinvali to Close Crossing Points Ahead of Local Celebrations

The security service of the Moscow-backed authorities of Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia announced on September 3 that all the crossing points connecting the region to the rest of the Georgia will be closed in relation to the upcoming celebrations of the “Day of Knowledge.”

It said that the region’s crossing points will be temporarily closed from 8pm on September 4, and will resume their usual operation from 6am on September 6.

According to the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM), there are five crossing points in the region – in villages Sinaguri (Sachkhere district), Karzmani (Sachkhere district), Zardiantkari (Gori district), Ergneti (Gori district) and Odzisi (Mtskheta district). The latter serves residents of Akhalgori Municipality, and is used by 400 persons daily.

Also today, Tskhinvali KGB informed that in September, border guards of South Ossetia and Russia will be jointly carrying out works, aimed to “prevent violation of law” in the bordering areas, and “strengthening control over the state border.”

“We ask the residents of bordering areas to have the identification documents with them while leaving their homes, to avoid any possible misunderstandings, and to take the inconvenience, which might occur while carrying out the security measures, with understanding,” it announced.

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