Abkhazia Armed Conflict Anniversary Marked in Tbilisi

Somber wreath-laying ceremony was held in Tbilisi on August 14 to mark the 27th anniversary of the launch of 13-month long armed conflict in Abkhazia in 1992.

Reconciliation Minister, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili and Defense Minister, Levan Izoria, as well as representatives of the legitimate government of Abkhazia laid wreaths at the memorial of Georgian fallen soldiers.

The Tbilisi-based Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia released a statement on August 14, saying that the developments that took place 27 years ago were “Kremlin’s open aggression” against Georgia.

“The war brought destruction to Abkhazia and the winner is the common enemy of both Georgian and Abkhaz peoples; this enemy is still continuing its criminal policy of splitting us and annexing Abkhazia,” the statement reads.

Commenting on the issue, Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze said that August 14 is “the most painful day in the recent history of Georgia,” noting that it was “a fratricidal war and a common pain, which should be overcome jointly.”

The Prime Minister also noted that Georgian and Abkhaz peoples have common roots and “our future should also be common.”

“I am confident that through peace and development, we will succeed in uniting our country and creating a common, successful state,” he said.

“There is no alternative to peace and development,” Bakhtadze added.

The Georgian government sent troops to the Abkhaz Autonomous Republic on August 14, 1992 with the stated official reason to protect the Abkhaz section of the Russian-Georgian railway. Georgian troops were forced to withdraw from Abkhazia in September 1993. 12,000 people were reportedly killed during the 13-month armed conflict.


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