Watchdog Proposes Policy Changes to Improve Governance


Transparency International Georgia, a local watchdog, called on the government to launch reforms “aiming to transform the key state institutions in accordance with the fundamental principles of democratic governance.”

In a statement released on November 9, the organization said that the fact that the government has been ignoring existing problems for years has created a situation which “threatens the rule of law and the operation of the key institutions” in the country.

To overcome the current crisis, the organization recommended 11 “Steps to Democratic Governance”,  ranging from planning and coordination, to election system reform, judiciary, law enforcement, civil service, education and economic environment.

“It is important to create a balanced system of governance, strengthen Parliament’s role and its oversight function and to ensure effective control over the executive branch in practice,” the statement reads.

TI Georgia also said that the judicial system “must undergo a real and comprehensive reform.”

“The legislation regulating the judicial system must be refined in order to ensure independence of individual judges and create a balanced system of governance in the judiciary,” it noted, adding that reforms should also be implemented to de-politicize law enforcement and security institutions.

The organization also said that a comprehensive reform of the electoral system in the near future is “crucial.” Among other steps, it named pursuing an effective anti-corruption policy, promoting the development of free media environment, increasing effectiveness of education policy and elaborating a social policy which “would facilitate the development of a stable system of social protection.”

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