President Condemns ‘Borderization’

President Margvelashvili said on February 26 that “completely senseless” process of erecting barbed wire fences by the Russian troops across breakaway South Ossetia’s administrative boundary line aims at “maintaining conflict” and keeping divided communities further apart.

Margvelashvili told journalists while visiting Kvareli in eastern region of Kakheti that he plans to visit Shida Kartli region to meet locals affected by ongoing borderisation process.

“We see resumption of completely senseless activity involving placing of barbed wire fences,” Margvelashvili said. “These barbed wire fences have no strategic military purpose whatsoever. This is an action definitely directly against the people – against those people who want to see and meet each other beyond barbed wire fences.”

“I want to call on the international community to raise voice together with us against this completely illegal action. This is the action directed towards complicating the conflict; without these barbed wire fences we can find each other and reach out to each other. These fences are placed only for the purpose of maintaining the conflict,” the Georgian President said and added that placing obstacles across the administrative boundary line represents “yet another crime and violation of the international law” by Russia.

“This is an ongoing action directed against de-escalation of the conflict and directed towards preventing people from finding common language,” Margvelashvili said.

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