PM Calls for Patience to Sort Out Problems ‘Little by Little’

PM Ivanishvili said that not everything had been “fixed” during his first six months in office, which was causing sense of “dissatisfaction” among people, and called for a patience, adding that too much of a hurry would be counterproductive.

He made the remarks on May 5 while addressing locals in the village of Shukhuti in the Guria region where he attended a local traditional game known as Lelo Burti, which is played by locals in Shukhuti once a year, on Orthodox Easter Sunday.

“I know there is some kind of sense in the people that not everything has been fixed as fast as [it was expected],” he said. “There is a quite dissatisfaction among the people. Many [GD] activists failed to get jobs, because there are few employment opportunities. Not everyone can be employed in the state agencies; economy should be revived and investments should be attracted in order to employ people and we are working night and day on this.”

“Don’t get upset if not everything has been fixed as it was desired in these six months,” he continued. “We should be in too much of a hurry in order not to spoil something; we should sort everything out little by little; several more months and you will be satisfied with restoration of justice and rule of justice.”

He said that he was receiving complaints about UNM representatives keeping their posts in local governments in the provinces.

“They are our people; we should keep them too… Do not suppress them for being with the [United] National Movement; do not reject them and do not say that they are bad; we are one people, we are a small nation and we all should stand by each other to revive our homeland,” Ivanishvili said.

The PM also said that “those who have to be punished” would face the justice and “it will happen with observance of law.”

“And it will be understood well by both Americans and Europeans,” Ivanishvili said.

“Be little bit patient; it will not take much time to restore justice, but it will take little bit more time to tackle the major issue – revival of the economy; on the second year of [GD’s presence in the government] you will feel it; the third year will be a good one and the third year will be very good. I assure you that investments will start and every family will be able to be employed,” Ivanishvili said.

“Last six months represented a huge lesson in patience… That’s what we need to genuinely become equal to Europe and member of Europe. I assure you that revival of democratic institutions will continue unwaveringly, nothing will hamper it,” he said.

“We will also return our territories, don’t be afraid. Everything will be ok, we will reunite Georgia and revive everything,” Ivanishvili added.

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