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Russia Closes Consulate, Embassy in Tbilisi

Russia shut down its embassy and consulate in Tbilisi on September 3 after Georgia formally notified Moscow of its decision to cut diplomatic ties with Russia.

The Russian consulate will now consider visa applications of only those individuals who had applied before September 3.

Alexander Savinov, a Russian embassy representative, told RIA Novosti news agency that no exact date had been set for Russian diplomats, including Ambassador Vyacheslav Kovalenko, to leave Georgia. “Now that’s a purely technical issue,” he said.

Georgia also closed its embassy in Moscow, but the Georgian Foreign Ministry said it would maintain a consulate there with a consul, two vice-consuls and technical staff.

Georgia has also decided to tighten visa rules for Russian citizens; as a result Russian citizens will no longer be able to obtain Georgian visas upon arrival in Georgia, starting from September 8.

Citizens of Russia will be able to obtain entry visas to Georgia only at Georgia’s diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad after submitting an invitation for family, business or humanitarian trips.


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