Protest in Front of the Russian Embassy in Tbilisi is Being Continued

Russia did not fulfill the Istanbul agreement and did not leave the Gudauta military base (on the territory of Abkhazia, Georgia) by July 1, 2001. The fact was followed by peaceful protests held by Georgians. About 300 Internally Displaces Persons from Abkhazia held a meeting in front of the Russian embassy in Tbilisi and criticized the anti-Georgian policy passed by Russian government. Movement for `Reestablishing the Territorial Unity of Georgia` had organized the protest.

The meeting participants burnt a paper-made model of tank. They pointed out that they are against actions held by the Russian government but they respect Russian people. `According to the `Gea` information agency, a video camera stuck from a window of the embassy was shooting the street meeting `, `the Resonance` says.

The meeting participants insisted that Russia follow the international agreement and withdraw troops from Abkhazia. `They evaluated the Gudauta military base as one of the sources of aggression, which Russia has created in order to conquer Abkhazia… the base is in the interests of Ardzinba (so-called president of separatist Abkhazia) and Russia needs it for taking over Georgia`, they said (`the Dilis Gazeti`).

Givi Lominadze, head of the parliamentary faction `Abkhazia`, considers that in case Russian troops leave Gudauta Georgian government will be able to return the territory of Abkhazia to its historical homeland – Georgia.


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