Kremlin-affiliates Hold Another Conference in Tbilisi

On May 24, the Kremlin-affiliated Eurasia Institute, directed by Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, held another anti-Western conference in Tbilisi, “Reviving Georgia as a Part of the Russian Empire – Historical Truth vs. Conjectural Lies.” Participants discussed, among other things, their version of Georgia’s history under the Russian empire and the “anti-Russian hysteria” and “Russophobia” “imposed” on Georgia from outside. They also adopted a resolution calling the prospect of withdrawing the Foreign Agents Law a “complete capitulation” of Georgia.

“If we consider the “Law on Transparency” not only as a legislative necessity, but also as a form of political test, the West’s disrespect for Georgia’s sovereignty and its desire to completely subjugate Georgia becomes clear,” reads the resolution echoing the Kremlin playbook.

The resolution claims that instances of verbal and physical abuse of Russians in Georgia are not isolated incidents and calls on the authorities to “demonstratively disassociate themselves” from “anti-Russian rhetoric,” which it says is supported by the Ukrainian government. The resolution also calls on the Georgian government to “openly” restore relations with Russia.

Among other propagandist messages, it also says that the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia will not be recognized by the West and its “puppet” opposition. “A major confrontation with the prospect of overthrowing the authorities and creating chaos in the country is imminent,” the resolution says, advising the Georgian authorities to seek Russian support to save the Georgian economy and prevent “the infiltration of subversive groups from Ukraine.” “The only potential guarantor of Georgia’s security is Russia…”

Notably, the participants also called for restoring the monuments of Russian historical figures, such as s Count Mikhail Vorontsov and Alexander Griboyedov in Tbilisi.

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