After U.S. Sanctions Announcement, Opposition Parties Call on those ‘Still Serving the Russian Regime’ to ‘Take the Side of Truth’

In a joint statement issued on May 24, seven opposition parties: Girchi-More Freedom, Droa, Ahali, Lelo for Georgia, United National Movement, Strategy Aghmashenebeli, and Republican Party – address people “still in the service of Russian regime” to change sides before it is too late.

The statement follows U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s announcement of visa restrictions on those undermining democracy in Georgia and a comprehensive review of all U.S.-Georgia cooperation, as well as a Senate bill that would impose sanctions on Georgian officials, review foreign assistance, and reevaluate existing bilateral relations in response to the Georgian government’s recent actions and policies.

“We, the pro-Western, democratic opposition parties, praise the unwavering and effective efforts of the U.S. in defending the Constitution, sovereignty, and freedom of Georgia, the European and Euro-Atlantic future of our country,” the statement says, adding: “Such support from the U.S. is due to the continuous, principled, peaceful protest of the free citizens of Georgia, to which the government of the oligarch Ivanishvili responds with violence.”

The opposition parties address those “still in the service of the Russian regime” to “take the side of truth” and fight with the majority of the Georgian people on the path of the country’s integration into the EU and NATO. “In this case, we are ready to act within our capabilities to protect you and your families from the serious consequences of sanctions,” the parties say.

“Georgia does not belong to the Russian oligarch, but to all of us! Yes to Europe, no to the Russian regime,” the statement concludes.

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