124 CSOs Call for “Unconditional Withdrawal” of Agents Law

On May 12, 124 Georgian civil society organizations issued a joint statement, reiterating that the Foreign Agents draft law which has been adopted in the second hearing “is a Russian Law in its goals and content, is directed against the Western course supported by the Georgian people, and it must be withdrawn unconditionally.” According to the statement, “no amount of amendment can reverse the devastating effects that this law will have on our society.”

The statement comes after Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze voiced on the same day his openness to discussing the law with “foreign partners,” noting that he had discussed the issue with the European Union and the OSCE. A day earlier, on May 11 the Prime Minister had said the ruling party was ready to amend the controversial law if it received “legal comments from partners” within the presidential veto procedure. The President insisted the ruling party’s methods as well as their draft law are Russian and unacceptable, and stressed that she will not “play games” as far as the law on agents and her veto power are concerned.

“For more than a month, the Georgian people have opposed the establishment of Putin’s rules through the Russian law,” the CSOs said, adding that “the unprecedentedly large number of demonstrators on May 11 clearly showed that the Georgian people understand the insidious goals of this law, do not give in to the government’s attempt to intimidate the population, and unwaveringly defend the country’s western course. Hear the voice of united and strong Georgian society. The government must withdraw this law unconditionally!”

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