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Foreign, Culture Ministers Slam Resignation Statement by Georgian Ambassador to France

On May 10, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ilia Darchiashvili, and Culture Minister Tea Tsulukiani issued statements reacting to the resignation of the Georgian Ambassador to France, Gotcha Javakhishvili, over the Georgian Dream’s reintroduction of the foreign agents bill.

Both assess the former Ambassador’s resignation statement as an “insult.” According to the Foreign Minister, Ambassador insulted the state, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as “every worthy diplomat who faithfully serves the interests of the Georgian state.”

FM Darchiashvili writes that as a former Ambassador to a leading European country, Javakhishvili “must know best” the government’s efforts to ensure the country’s European future. He stresses that Georgia will certainly become a “dignified and full-fledged” member of the EU, but the former Ambassador lost his chance to be part of the process by his own decision.

The Minister of Culture chose stronger language, condemning the former Ambassador’s action and accusing him of what she calls “primitive Europeanism” and the desire to be called a hero.

“What is interesting to me is that he and people who think like him think that they are the most European, moreover – they themselves are Europe or pregnant with Europe, and most importantly, they have lived so much in Europe (due to the decision of the “bad” government and at the expense of their own people) that they not only became bearers of European values, but these values began to flow in their veins along with their blood,” the Culture Minister said.

“We see that Georgia faces many threats at the same time, and these threats come from all (!) sides. And you live in a harmful illusion and claim that the state should turn a blind eye to some threats and… act like this Ambassador, so that then they [not specified who exactly] will praise us. It is not our choice. Our way is more difficult…” she writes, adding that it appears to be a tiring path “for some.”

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