Photo Story | Protesters Against Russian Law Celebrate Easter Together

After weeks of relentless protests against the foreign agents law, protesters against the Foreign Agents’ law gathered to celebrate Easter at Kashveti Church on Rustaveli avenue just across the street from the Parliament building, bringing red eggs and Easter cakes as part of the tradition.

Since Easter is a special day for the country, where the majority of people are Orthodox Christians, many of them usually leave the capital and go to the countryside to spend time with their families and visit the cemeteries of their deceased loved ones. But this year, many of them stayed in Tbilisi and decided to celebrate the holiday together as a continuation of the demonstration of unity against the infamous law that threatens the country’s European future.

Having witnessed almost all of Georgia’s most tumultuous events and pivotal moments, Kashveti Church now found itself at the epicenter of the most peaceful gathering of the Europe-seeking nation on this special, religious occasion. The protesters, most of them youths, kept an Easter vigil throughout the night. They lit candles and sang Christian chants and national songs, creating a very uplifting atmosphere on Rustaveli Avenue. They also offered the Easter eggs and Easter cakes to the policemen in the vicinity of the gathering.

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