Legal Issues Committee Endorses Russian Law Amid Massive Popular Protest

Having expelled the dissenting opposition MPs from the Committee hearing, the ruling Georgian Dream has endorsed the reintroduced Foreign Agents Law in the legal Issues Committee against the backdrop of the massive popular protest which continues at the Parliament of Georgia.

The riot police in full gear, as well as water cannons are mobilized in the vicinity of the building. Alarm sounds have been issued calling on citizens to disperse and “not exceed the limits of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.” Several arrests of peaceful protesters have been reported.

“Massive peaceful demonstration of civil society in Tbilisi against the “Russian law ». « spetznats » with water and gas canons ready to pass to action against civilians defending their European future. Arrests are ongoing. Georgia will not surrender to resovietisation,” the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili tweeted.

The Georgian Dream reintroduced the Foreign Agents Law after it was withdrawn last year following the massive March protests. This time again the ruling party has come under under heavy criticism from Georgia’s international partners, as well as the political spectrum and civil society, for reintroducing the law, arguing that it jeopardizes Georgia’s European prospects and undermines democracy in Georgia.

Police continue to obstructs the protesters’ right to peaceful manifestations as people remain on the Rustaveli avenue.

More to follow…

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